Internationaal persbericht: Hamer & Chart Ferox to Built 3 Shell LNG Fuel Stations in Netherlands

Chart Industries, Inc., manufacturer of equipment used in the production, storage and end-use of hydrocarbon and industrial gases, has been awarded a contract with Shell to provide 3x liquified natural gas (LNG) fueling stations for heavy-duty trucks in the Netherlands, through Chart’s wholly owned subsidiary in the Czech Republic, Chart Ferox, a.s.

Shell tendered these stations in 2012 and selected Chart Ferox to design, supply, install and commission the equipment for the stations. Chart Ferox exclusively contracts the installation works with local company Hamer. The fuel stations will be open to the public, with the first site opening in Rotterdam during late summer 2014. They will be fully automatic, low working pressure and sized to fill 100 to 150 trucks per day using 2x LNG dispensers.

LNG delivers significant carbon and air quality benefits and is a cost competitive option to diesel. Benefits include reducing GHG emissions by up to 20%.

“This investment is in line with the growth we see across the globe in LNG end user equipment and will really boost the use of LNG as truck fuel,” said Hans Lonsain, Chairman and Managing Director of Chart Ferox. “This is another positive development for Chart that highlights our LNG growth opportunities, and we are happy to be working with Shell.”

“Shell is investing in the infrastructure that will bring this innovative, cost-competitive and environmentally beneficial fuel to our customers,” said Elen Phillips, Vice President, Shell Fuels Sales & Marketing Americas.