Follow up Safety Day

Shell Safety Day bij Hamer

Enkele weken geleden hebben we bij Hamer de aftrap gegeven voor de Shell Safety Day. Dit initiatief is erg goed ontvangen en we mogen spreken van een succesvolle actie. Nu is het interview dat wij hebben laten zien op de Shell Safety Day door Shell vertaald zodat het internationaal een voorbeeld kan zijn.

Frits Wim van IJsseldijk  ‘ As some of you might have heard already we had a great initiative by a company in the Netherlands for safety day. The company Hamer called Ad vd Hoek (FMC/PMC manager NL) and myself a few weeks before safety day. They asked if we were prepared to do an interview with regard to safety day which they could broadcast on safety day to all their staff. They had already decided to organize a big session (130 participants) at their own premises before all the workers would leave to start working on whatever Shell site or at another relation from them.
I feel it worked extremely well and it is a good way to connect on such a day. We can’t be everywhere on a single day… and via this medium we could show our views on safety. It was made tailor made to the company Hamer as you will see.

This is not about Ad or myself doing something this is about ownership shown by a L3, who took an initiative that I think can be followed in a similar way quit easily anywhere and helps us on the way to Goal Zero.  Since we liked it so much we decided to get it subtitled in order to show it to you and share this for me very best practice. Please feel free to share it with other people. And I sincerely hope that one day or the other we will see similar things by different companies in 2015.’

Wij zijn blij dat we op deze manier kunnen bijdragen aan het Goal Zero beleid van Shell.